The 80/20 Foundation was established by Graham Weston, Co-founder and Chairman of Rackspace Hosting. Based on the Pareto Principle, the foundation invests in the 20% of the nonprofits driving 80% of the social impact turning San Antonio into the next hub for entrepreneurship, promoting technology education for the high-skill jobs of our knowledge economy, and providing more urban options.

Supporting an entrepreneurial ecosystem and vibrant urban core conducive to the next large-scale tech company being born, relocating, or expanding to San Antonio
  • Q&A

    What is the address of the 80/20 Foundation?

    110 East Houston Street, 7th Floor
    San Antonio, Texas 78205

    Does the 80/20 Foundation grant to non-profits outside of San Antonio?

    We are focused on the San Antonio metropolitan area in order to effectively evaluate our measurable impact and return on investment based on the 80/20 principle.

    Are Church programs eligible for grants?

    Church programs will be evaluated on a case by case basis as they relate to our mission.

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