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Entrepreneurship is the fulcrum to a strong economy and workforce. The 80/20 Foundation supports impact-driven nonprofits that make San Antonio a place where entrepreneurs can thrive and want to relocate or start their business. A combination of mentorship, networking, financial and human capital, and support services are necessary conditions to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The 80/20 Foundation wants the next large-scale technology company to be born, relocate, or open an office in San Antonio because the greatest form of philanthropy and social impact to the community is providing a person with a high-skill job.

3 Day Startup: Geeking Out on Cybersecurity Pitches

High up on the 11th floor of the Weston Centre this past weekend, enthusiastic, savvy cyber entrepreneurs honed their business models and pitches, while industry insiders mentored and molded their concepts toward more scalable futures. Geekdom‘s 11th floor residents have recently moved to new quarters a block away in the Rand building, but the floor […]

The View from Geekdom: Future of Green Tech Startups Looks Promising

More than 40 environmentally minded entrepreneurs attended 3 Day Startup (3DS) Green Tech this weekend at Geekdom in downtown San Antonio. The first 3DS of its kind, Green Tech focused exclusively on startup business models based on sustainability, renewable energy, and resource conservation. These entrepreneurs went through a highly selective interviewing process to participate in […]

Case Study: 3 Day Startup Brings Innovative Approach to San Antonio’s Performing Arts Organizations

3 Day Startup (3DS) partnered with the 80/20 Foundation and Geekdom to host the first-ever 3 Day Startup for the Performing Arts. The program introduced San Antonio’s performing arts organizations to lean start up techniques and intraprenuerial thinking. The results were powerful insights into ways to better engage audiences and the community in their work, […]

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