Stem Education

Human capital is the most valuable asset to a city. The cities that produce talent for high- skilled positions at the necessary scale and intensity will ultimately rise above the rest and drive an unparalleled community and economy forward. The fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have a significant impact on our economic growth and vitality as a city. According to The Hidden STEM Economy by The Brookings Institute, “STEM-oriented metropolitan economies perform strongly on a wide variety of economic indicators ranging from innovation to employment. Job growth, employment rates, patents, and wages are all higher in more STEM-based economies.”

Education Panel Spotlights Roles of Charter Schools, Public Schools, and Technology in the Classroom

If there is one thing that the charter school movement has highlighted in our current education system, it is the need for variety. Not every student responds to the same curriculum. Not every child matures at the same pace. However, with the emphasis on standardized testing only growing more punitive, and school budgets continuing to […]

Disrupting Education to Create a Highly Skilled Workforce

To cultivate a high tech industry, a city needs highly skilled workers. Yet almost every city in the country faces a shortage of workers with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills. And San Antonio is no exception. “San Antonio children face a crisis: only 63 percent of public school students graduate high school and, by […]

The Key to Continued Brain Gain: Specialized Higher Education

The downtown San Antonio city skyline is barely visible from the 20th floor of the Omni Hotel on this chilly November morning. James Russell looks out across the Medical District and 10 miles of neighborhoods, highways and hotels to the foggy city center. The city is just waking up – in more ways than one…

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