80|20 Foundation Grant Supports ActivateSA’s Mission of Sustainable, Active Transportation

80|20 Foundation Grant Supports ActivateSA’s Mission of  

Sustainable, Active Transportation 

San Antonio (June 19, 2023) – The 80|20 Foundation has presented a grant of $156,892 to  ActiveSA to enable the local 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization ActivateSA to further its mission to  empower San Antonio residents to take an active role in shaping the future of their community. 

“We are incredibly grateful to the 80|20 Foundation for their support,” said ActivateSA  Executive Director, Joey Pawlik. “This grant will allow us to not only have a full-time focus on  active transportation advocacy efforts in San Antonio with paid staff, but we will also be able to  build a solid foundation for ActivateSA through the development of fundraising planning efforts  and administrative systems to serve and propel San Antonio to the walkable, bikeable, and  transit-friendly city we think it can become.” 

ActivateSA is a grassroots organization that advocates for a connected active transportation  network that is safe, equitable, sustainable, and accessible for all users. ActivateSA envisions a  San Antonio region where all residents can safely and comfortably access opportunity and  recreation on a transportation system promoting mobility for all abilities.  

“We are proud to support ActivateSA and their vision for San Antonio. As the 80|20  Foundation, our focus is on elevating the specialized labor pool in this region, and we recognize  that accessible and efficient transportation plays a crucial role in creating a vibrant and resilient  community,” said Alexandra Frey, CEO of the 80|20 Foundation. “We believe ActivateSA’s efforts to enhance our walking and cycling infrastructure will not only benefit individuals but  also contribute to a more just and vibrant San Antonio for all.”  

Activate SA is focused not only on activating San Antonio by making a better way to move  between places but propelling the city into a sustainable future by fostering social mobility,  creating resilient neighborhoods, and spurring equitable economic development. ActivateSA  advocates for more effective use of public transit and a more sustainable and inclusive land-use 

plan that addresses the imperative of affordable housing and anti-displacement protections for  low-income communities. 

About the 80|20 Foundation 

The 80|20 Foundation invests in San Antonio’s future by issuing grants to public charities that  attract, grow, and retain San Antonio’s future workforce and job-creating entrepreneurs. To  learn more visit https://8020foundation.com/. 

About ActivateSA 

ActivateSA is a tactical planning initiative and think-tank composed of architects, landscape  architects, conservationists, civil engineers, civic leaders, transportation planners, and others  working collectively to implement bold new active transportation infrastructure through  advocacy, consensus-building, and technical design. Learn more at https://activatesa.org/